The Empire Skate Club maintains three electronic mailing lists: Empire, Empire Speed, and Empire-Chat. The Empire and EmpireSpeed mailing lists are available only to Empire Skate Club members. Non-members can stay in touch with the NYC skating community by joining the Empire-Chat mailing list. Brief descriptions of each mailing list follow.

Empire Mailing List
The Empire mailing list, for members only, is used primarily to announce upcoming events and activities of interest to our members.

EmpireSpeed Mailing List
The EmpireSpeed mailing list is similar to the Empire mailing list, but for Empire Speed members only. Please refer to EmpireSpeed web page for more information.

Empire-Chat Mailing List
The Empire-Chat mailing list is a public, unmoderated forum in which anyone is invited to discuss the NYC skating scene.

Because the Empire and EmpireSpeed mailing lists are "closed, moderated" mailing lists, only Empire members are allowed to subscribe. Empire members who provided their email address on the membership application form are automatically subscribed to the appropriate mailing list(s).
The alternative way to join the list, send a blank email to for Empire Skate mailing list.
Please refer to EmpireSpeed web page for more information for EmpireSpeed.

Mailing list traffic is fairly light (on the order of one or two messages per week).

To unsubscribe from the Empire mailing list, send email to

Subscribers may read the mailing list's archives online.

Questions And Problems
If you have questions about or problems with a mailing list, please email the mailing list administrator, Kim Moser.

For other questions about the Empire Skate Club, email us at

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