Regular and special events including non-Empire events are listed here. Event information is also available on our Calendar. Check it to see what's going on this month.

On-going Events

Empire Board Meetings
Our Board meets monthly to plan upcoming skating events and discuss other club business. Want to give us your input? Join us! You provide the ideas, we provide the snacks and beverages. We meet from 8:30 to 10:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The location changes occasionally, so please RSVP to to confirm.

Tuesday Night Skate
For more information about Empire's official weeknight group skate, please see the Tuesday Night Skate page.

Empire Weekend Skate
Our somewhat irregular weekend group skates usually meet on Sundays around lunchtime, most likely in Central Park. Distance and pace vary according to who is leading the particular skate — it could be anywhere from a casual 15-mile skate around Manhattan to a 45-mile fitness trek up to Nyack and back. Check the Calendar to find out what weekend skates are coming up, and on what day and starting from where.

Wednesday Night Skate — This is not an Empire event.
Wednesday nights from the start of April through Hallowe'en, skaters meet at 8:00 p.m., on the south side of Union Quare Park (East 14th St. between Broadway and Park Ave South). This is a less intense skate than Empire's Tueday Night Skate, travelling perhaps 15 15 miles over two hours. Although Empire is not affiliated with the Wednesday Night Skate, you will likely encounter many of our members participating. See the WNS website for additional information.

Speed Training
Members of Empire Speed meet to train on the Central Park loop from April through skate marathon weekend in late September. The usual weekly meeting is Monday evenings, but skaters may meet on other evenings or on weekend mornings. In winter, some of the Speed crew do indoor training at the Branch Brook Park Roller Rink in Newark. Contact Empire Speed for current scheduling.

Affiliated skaters who are members of the Brooklyn Speed Team meet Sunday mornings April through skate marathon weekend to train in Prospect Park.

Group Cycling Events — These are not Empire events.
There are numerous group cycling events around the city, some meeting weekly and some monthly, including such rides as the Central Park and Prospect Park Moonlight Rides, Critical Mass, etc. Fifteen years ago, when inline skating was more popular, skaters often participated in these events, but even today a skater or two may tag along on some of them. For a listing of what these events are, see the listing on the Time's Up! website.

Special Events

Big Apple Roll
Empire's premier event each year is the Big Apple Roll, a four-day extravaganza of group skates, workshops and clinics, and other events. It usually occurs the first weekend of August. To learn more about "BAR", click here, or check the links at the right side of the page.

Special Weekend Skates
Some Empire weekend and holiday skates are bigger than others and some have become traditions. These include the annual Hallowe'en skate from Central Park to Sleepy Hollow. Please consult the Calendar to find out what's coming up.

Winter Skiing
In those colder months when inline skating is more difficult, Empire may organize group ski/snowboard trips, most likely day trips to near-by places such as Hunter Mountain but sometimes weekend trips to Killington.

Events in Other Cities

Akin to Empire's Big Apple Roll, other cities on the East Coast organize annual group skate weekends that many of our members attend. These include:

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