Nyack Skate
Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Date: Saturday, July 14, 2012
Meet: at Columbus Circle, Entrance to Central Park at 11:00AM, depart by 11:20AM.
Distance: Approx 26 miles with lots of hilles.

It's a beautiful road with a wide shoulder for skaters. Lovely scenery!

Led by Eric Poullain.
Questions to Eric at email Eric_Poullain@yahoo.com.

We usually get there by 2:30 pm, with a number of stops along the way.
Have lunch by the water at Memorial Park.
Most will come back by bus: It's $ 8.70 to George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, 178 Street + Broadway; and $ 10.00 to Port Authority Bus Terminal, 41st Street and 8th Avenue. FOOTWEAR REQUIRED!

You can be back in the City by 4 pm if you need to.

Obviously, this is for STRONG INTERMEDIATE SKATERS at least. You would need to be comfortable skating the Wednesday night skate, traffic and all. You should be confident you can go the distance.

Hope to see you there.

Broadway + Cedar Hill
GW Bus Station
178th Street and B'way
Port Authority Terminal
41st Street/ 8 Ave
2:38p 3:27p 3:52p
3:38p   4:50p
4:38p 5:27p 5:52p
5:38p   6:50p
6:38p 7:27p 7:52p
8:08p   9:15p
9:08p 9:57p 10:22p
10:08p   11:15p

Weather permitting.


Helmet and wrist guards are required. All other skate protection recommended.
You are skating at your own risk.

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