Nyack skate
Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Save the date! Saturday, September 13th.

We're going to skate to Nyack! Bring your helmet, water and a bathing suit, because... you can go jump in a river. If you dare to anyway, we'll be going to Nyack Beach state park,where people actually do swim in the Hudson. If you're not in to that,we'll just hang out and picnic and play in the going to Nyack Beach state park.

We'll have a SAG WAGON. It will follow us, and pick up any one who needs a break.

Get ready to take in some awesome views as we skate over the GWB, north on the Hudson terrace, up and down 9W and through Piermont to Nyack.

* Money for 9 or 9A bus back to NYC (about $6)
* Money for what ever you want to get for lunch (pizza, health food or gourmet sandwiches)
* Footwear for bus
* Picnic stuff (Frisbee, blanket, etc) (which you can throw in the sag wag)

Meet: Columbus Circle, 10 AM Leave: 11 AM

ETA: 2-3 PM (about 30 miles -- come on, there's a sag wag)

Helmet and Writst Guards are required.

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