Big Apple Roll 2016
(2017 BAR logo by Gina Minichino)

August 3th - 6th, 2017

Hello Skaters (And Bikers*)!

The Empire Skate Club of NY invites you to join us at our 15th Annual Big Apple Roll (BAR) Skate Weekend. August 3-6, 2017 in New York City!! We're busy planning our biggest event of the year. And it's TOTALLY FREE!!

For those staying at the hotel, we will be returning to the beautiful New York Marriott Downtown, with lower rates than 2 years ago.


100's of Skaters are coming from all around the country and globe to join BAR 2017.

It's a free, exciting weekend of group skates, partying, adventures, touring, exploring and experiencing New York City on skates. Party with old friends, make new ones & feel the rush of skating the City's streets. 

Enjoy the beautiful urban & natural scenery, rolling hills, historic bridges and fast straight-aways (if you like). City skating, island hopping, parks, nightlife and of course our skates through Times Square.

Central Park is also the capital of dance skating where you can join the world's greatest skate dancers and slalom skaters (cone-heads) for a truly unique experience.

There will be skates on Thursday Night, Friday afternoon, Friday Night, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning. Come early and join NYC's famous
Wednesday Night Skate! There will be activities in-between skates, social gatherings at night & we will also be raffling off skates, skate bags, t-shirts, accessories and other swag from K2, Rollerblade, Transpack, RoadID and others. 

For the MOST up to date information, please RSVP on FaceBook!

For questions & more information, send an email to

Note: * Bikers are welcomed as long as they keep in mind that skaters kick-out. Therefore, bikers must give skaters adequate space at all times.

**** REQUIRED****

Everyone is also required to sign (and is subject to) our waiver/disclaimer. AND EVERYONE is also required to wear helmets and wrist guards (at the very least).

There is NO registration fee for the 2017 BAR.


The Big Apple Roll IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. BAR 2017 is for intermediate to expert skaters capable of easily handling street skating in groups, during the day and/or night, stopping and turning on all terrain, including hills, following all traffic laws. Bikers are welcomed as long as they keep in mind that skaters kick-out. Therefore, bikers must give skaters adequate space at all times by riding in the back, front or side of the skaters.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

 The 2017 Big Apple Roll is Sponsored by:


The Empire Skate Club, and the Central Park Skate Patrol strongly recommends that all participants in the Big Apple Roll should carry medical and liability insurance, and must wear helmets and wristguards, and strongly recommends wearing all other protective gear (including but not limited to knee pads, elbow pads, and, at night, reflective clothing and blinking lights which are required by NY State law). Please also be advised that there are particular inherent risks of injury involved in city inline skating, including, but not limited to: cars, bicycles, other skaters, pedestrians, potholes, manhole covers, chains, train and trolley tracks, cobblestones, bad pavement, water, oil, debris, gravel, curbs, stairs, hills and inclines. This list of possible risks is not comprehensive, because conditions on the street, including the weather, are constantly changing. The Empire Skate Club, Central Park Skate Patrol, sponsors, organizers, volunteers, cannot accept any liability for the existence of any such risks. Ultimately, each skater is responsible for staying alert to potential risks and obeying all traffic regulations. Skaters are skating at their own risk and are responsible for their actions. Finally, Empire and the Patrol strongly requires that all participants in the Big Apple Roll possess and master a set of minimum skate skills before participating in its events: the ability to skate in control, with groups, at night, especially on hills; to stop in traffic; to maneuver curbs; and to avoid obstacles. A signed waiver/release will be required of all skaters at registrations and group-ups in order to participate.

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