Robert Henkel Treasurer and
Acting President
- Rob Henkel
Residence: Manhattan, New York City.
Skating Since: 1991
Types Of Skating: Purely for Fitness and Recreation
Favorite Skating Events: All of the regional club events, DC, Phila, Miami, Boston, NY are great. So are all of the Saturday Empire Summer Skates (Connecticut, Sheepshead Bay, Jones Beach, Nyack, Sleepy Hollow, etc.). If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say Philadelphia, they do a GREAT job!
Best Way To Spend A Day On Wheels: Not falling on my assc
Most Notable Skating Achievement: When I first started skating in Philadelphia, being able to get from my apartment (23 & South St) to school (30th and Chestnut) without falling


Robert McDermott Director - Robert McDermott
Residence: Brooklyn.
Favorite Skating Events: A2A, Northshore Skate Marathon and the Liberty Skate/MS Super Roll weekend.
Favorite Way To Spend A Day On Wheels: Racing, doing laps with my fellow members of Empire Speed in Central Park and skating along the canals of Holland.
Most Notable Skating Achievement: Doing the full distances in the North Shore Skate Marathon, New York Skate Marathon and A2A in a three-week period.
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Director - Rick Trager
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Director - Ivan Harris
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Director - Edward Leibnitz
Paul Rankin Director - Paul Rankin
Residence: Brooklyn, New Yawk.
Skating Since: All my life - since metal clip-ons and skate keys.
Types Of Skating: Recreational, street, group.
Favorite Skating Events: The Brooklyn Greenway/Rockaway Beach Skate/BBQ/Pool Party that I host every year.
Best Way To Spend A Day On Wheels: Exploring a new city, town or trail with the club on a group skate.
Most Notable Skating Achievement: Becoming a Certified Inline Skating Instructor and introducing our wonderful sport to hundreds of new skaters.
Past Presidents
Robert Kaskel Immediate Past President - Robert Kaskel
Residence: Manhattan, New York City.
Skating Since: Inline skating since 1991.
Types Of Skating: Group & Street
Favorite Skating Event: Big Apple Roll
Best Way To Spend A Day On Wheels: A warm group skate followed by some icy cold ones together.
Most Notable Skating Achievement: Having my children skate with me on a Thursday Evening Roll this year.
Lynn Sessa Past President - Lynn Sessa
Skating Since: The early '90s. I remember my first time in Central Park as if was yesterday. I didn't know how to skate or to stop. I later joined Central Park Skate Patrol to help others.
Skating Advice: Wear a helmet! (And wrist, knee, and elbow guards, and a blinky light.) Safeguard your life and prevent road rash.
Favorite Way To Spend A Day On Skates: In Central Park, say hi to the Skate Patrollers at the stopping clinics, the loop, the Bandshell and the dance circle.
Most Notable Skating Achievements: Having the guts to do a NYRSA Race on the Grand Concourse. Joining Bev's Lausanne/Paris skate trip without knowing anyone else going on the trip.
Leo Lozada Past President - Leo Lozada
Residence: Manhattan, New York City.
Skating Since: Inline skating since 1995.
Types Of Skating: Group, Street - group and individual, recreational, and some distance.
Favorite Skating Event: Empire's Tuesday Night Skate, Super Rolls.
Best Way To Spend A Day On Wheels: Group skating on a beautiful, sunny day with compatible skating friends.
Most Notable Skating Achievement: Serving as Empire's President, won my only race resulting in a trip to Paris, France.
Gary Roth Past President and Founder - Gary Roth


Maki Asahina Webmaster - Maki Asahina
Residence: Manhattan, New York City.
Skating Since: Inline skating since 2002.
Types Of Skating: Group, Street and Central Park Loop.
Favorite Skating Events: Connecticut Beach Skate.
Best Way To Spend A Day On Wheels: Some distance skate with a group of friends on a sunny day.
Most Notable Skating Achievement: First time I joined a group skate. I knew that skating itself was fun but relized how nice it was to share it.

Board Meetings

You're invited to attend our monthly board meetings, which are open to our members. Have something on your mind, or a skate idea you'd like to pursue? This is a great opportunity to meet the officers and directors who serve on the Empire Board of Directors and to discuss club-related issues.

Currently, board meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of the month, from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. The location sometimes changes, so if you'd like to attend please contact us one week before the meeting. Email us or call us at 212.774.1774.

You can also read our club bylaws.

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